At Limmud China, we believe everyone has something to share with the community. It may be a bit of obscure knowledge, something that you learned from a friend 2 weeks ago, or something that you’re passionate about and want to share with others. Our session leaders include amateur community members as well as professionals, so no matter your background, we encourage you to consider becoming a session leader.

If you’re interested in leading a session, please read the information below and then email us at to receive a Session Form.


What type of sessions are given at a Limmud conference?

Sessions run all day, taking a wide variety of formats - from lectures to workshops, debates to exercise classes, music jam sessions to panels - and covering all areas of Jewish life, culture, arts, thought, tradition and innovation. In the past, our sessions have ranged from Indian dancing to text study sessions to a sociological look at contemporary Jewish marriages. Click here to see the full 2015 handbook.


How long should my session last?

Sessions last 60 minutes.


How many sessions may I give?

This is entirely up to you, however if you want to run more than two sessions please send us an email before filling out the Session Form.


How many people will attend my session?

That is impossible to tell. The best way to encourage people to attend your sessions is to make sure that the titles and descriptions which you provide for the Program Handbook are interesting and attractive to the prospective audience. There will usually be around two or three sessions happening concurrently for participants to chose from. Having said that, if you need to restrict the numbers attending for any reason, do indicate this on the Session Form.


If relevant, what knowledge of Hebrew/Talmud/Jewish/Historical knowledge should I expect from people attending my sessions?

Participants at Limmud Conference come from across the entire Jewish spectrum in terms of background, experience and knowledge. So as not to exclude anyone, we recommend that handouts be accessible to those with a limited knowledge of Hebrew and texts, and that you supply texts in translation wherever possible. If a particular session does require more advanced knowledge in a particular area, or proficiency in Hebrew, please indicate this clearly on the Session Form, so that the session can be identified as such in the Program Handbook.


Can I give two linked sessions?

Yes, certainly. they can enable you to teach in greater depth. We refer to these series of sessions as 'Intensives.'

If you decide to offer a series of linked sessions, but each session in the series can also be attended on its own (ie without having attended the previous sessions), do make sure to make this clear in the session description.


Can I distribute information about my organization?

You are welcome to bring a small number of flyers and other printed matter to Limmud China, and these will be displayed along with those from other organisations on a table in a communal area. We request that you do not distribute these at sessions. If your organisation would like to have its own stand, please get in touch at


Does Limmud pay honoraria?

Limmud does not pay honoraria. Limmud is dependent on the dedication of its volunteers, and a very small budget. The participatory ethos of Limmud means that a large number of participants will be giving sessions, and the vast majority of these will be paying their own way. Limmud China is only able to occasionally cover flight and registration costs for a small number of overseas presenters.