Limmud - FAQ



Li- What?

Limmud is Hebrew for learning. The first Limmud was held 30 years ago in the UK and has spread around the world. The first Limmud China was in Beijing in 2012.


What happens at Limmud?

It’s like a Jewish TED talks, but so much more. Limmud is also filled with lectures, workshops, panel discussions, movie showings, dance and comedy performances…you get the picture right? Basically it’s a fun event that brings people together for Jewish learning, and welcomes everyone on their Jewish journey to participate.


When is Limmud Shanghai?

December 2-4, 2016


How long is it?

Starting for Friday, December 2 for Shabbat evening and lasting till Sunday afternoon.


Where is it?

Millenium Hotel is right near the Gubei Carrefour and is easily accessible from Line 10 Shuicheng Lu stop.


Where do I stay?

Limmud Shanghai is held at the Millenium Hongqiao. You could choose to stay at the Millenium, or at the XXX next door which has more reasonable room rates. If you are a student and don’t mind sleeping on the floor, please be in touch and we’ll try to find someone to host you. other websiteXXX


Do I have to come for the entire weekend?

We’d love for you to come for the entire weekend, but we know that it’s not a possibility for everyone (and we know some of you like to sleep late!). Our website registration allows you to build your own individualized Limmud experience. Just choose which time slots you’d like to attend.


I’d love to come but what about my kids?

There will be an entire program for kids at Limmud, led by volunteers and youth leaders from the Netzer movement in Australia who are coming just for Limmud. Drop your kids off and then enjoy Limmud. We’ll even have a quiet area for kids (and adults) to rest.


I observe Shabbat. Can I come?

Yes! You are welcome to come to Limmud. All meals will be vegetarian. Let us know ahead of time if you need a Kosher meal, which can be provided by Chabad Shanghai. You will see in the program which programs are Shomer Shabbat friendly (no electricity used) and our volunteers will do their best to make your experience a positive one. Please get in touch with us at


Who’s speaking?

Limmud Shanghai is packed with interesting programming, from lectures to films to panel discussions on a wide range of topics. We’ll have the schedule up on our website soon, but the best thing about Limmud is that you’re always guaranteed an interesting mix of programming.


Who will I get a chance to schmooze with?

Jews of all ages from all over Shanghai, China, and Asia, plus visitors from the US and Israel. Professors, startup entrepreneurs, actresses, comedians, DJs, social media gurus will all be there. Jewish cowboy? Yeah, we got you covered.


Is there a discount available?

We cannot afford to offer subsidies, but we have special early bird, and children and student rates. If you are a student and need help to attend Limmud, please get in touch with us and we’ll see whether we can help on a case by case basis.