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What is Limmud?





The spirit of Limmud


The spirit of Limmud came to life 30 years ago in the UK, when a group of Jews got together for a retreat powered by learning through lectures, films, discussions, and workshops. This is a forum for Jews of all stripes to teach and learn from each other, that means sharing everything from klezmer music to how to jar pickles.



Limmud China


Limmud China brings together Jews of all ages and denominations from across East Asia and the world. Our goal is to create an environment where we can learn from each other through workshops covering all aspects of the Jewish experience. From religious to secular, we welcome everyone to participate.



This Year’s Theme


The theme of this year’s Limmud, drawing inspiration from our dynamic location, is our role as a global people in shaping the future of the global city. With participants and speakers from across Greater China, Singapore, Japan, India, and the Philippines, this event serves to bring together Jews living across the region to meet and contribute to this learning experience.



Limmud Shanghai 2016 - FAQ





Limmud Shanghai 2-4 Dec 2016



For Kids

We will have two children’s groups running all weekend, we designed a program for children under 5 which involves older children who will engage with the younger through art and crafts, music and storytelling activities.

For children ages 5-12, a special program led by volunteer Netzer youth leaders, Shira and Joel, who are coming from Australian especially for Limmud.


For Teens

We have awesome stream targeted at teens. Shira and Joel from Australia will lead activities for teenagers on both Friday and Saturday evenings to enhance social bonds and inspire community participation beyond Limmud.


For Everyone

Throughout the weekend, we will have lectures, panels and workshops on history, art and culture, current affairs, Jewish thought, health and lifestyle, business and technology, and impacting the world. Between sessions, schmooze with Jews from around Shanghai and Asia.


We have a host of fascinating speakers and presenters from Shanghai and around the world. As more speakers and their topics are confirmed, our program will evolve, so please stay tuned for regular updates.




(Subject to Change)





Shabbat Activities for Kids

Kids: Shabbat Sing Along and "What is Shabbat to me" games and discussion

Teen Hang Out Session



Limmud Opening Ceremony with Mr. Nadav Zisblat, Deputy Consul-General

Followed by Shabbat Dinner


21:00 onwards

Evening Program hosted by Sam Coopersmith

Shabbat Songs

Pub Quiz with Tamar Salant

Open Mic






Shabbat service led by Netzer Youth leaders Shira Appelboom and Joel McCarroll

Yoga Meditation led by Elyse Ribbons

Kids: Activity room



Continental Breakfast

Rabbi Robert Berman

Organ donation and Halacha

Danny Pins

Jewish Response to Disaster : JDC's work in the Philippines and Nepal

Kids: Story Time with Jeff Sprafkin



Paul Ross

Mao’s Jews

Shaun Hoffman

3 Approaches to Jewish Leadership

Kids 0-5: Arts and crafts

Kids 6-13: Me, Myself and You - Fun Activities



Amitai Carney

Emergency and Current Medicine vs Traditional Chinese Medicine- Personal Experience

Dan Krassenstein

Kaifeng Jews

Kids 0-5: Sing along with Shira Appelboom and Joel McCarroll

Kids 6-13: Outdoor Activities



Avi Ben Galil

Lessons from Masada: Myth or reality?

Dan Krassenstein

Ethiopian Jews – Past, Present and Future

Kids 6-13: Tikkun Olam "Disney Style"



Dvir Bar-Gal

The little-known yet extraordinary Baghdadi Jewish legacy of Shanghai

Mike Harwitz

Cartoon illustration workshop



Lunch Cafe O



Inbal Segal

In-balance through Health

Amir Lupovich

Wisdom of Connections – Ancient Jewish tool for positive transformation in the 21st century

Kids 6-13: Design your perfect world activity



Shula Shilon, James Greener and David Benaim

My Jewish Journey

Leon Fenster

Exilic Landscapes The Art of Jewish Architecture

Tslil Kleiman

Social Media

Kids 0-5: Activity Room



Professor Wei Xiaofei (Matthew)

Jewish American Literature

Omri Heffner

Astrology & Jewish Mysticism

Shifra Sheinfeld

The Skeleton in Judah's Closet (Genesis 38)

Kids 0-5: Story Time



Daliah Spiegel

Queerness in Judaism

Ilan Goldberg and Casey Li Brander

Stand-up Comedy Workshop

Brian Offenther

Jews in Pop

Kids 0-5: Arts and crafts



Rebecca Kanthor, Shira Appelboom and Joel McCarroll

DIY Havdalah Candles and Spice Bags and Learn to Lead Havdalah (Adult and Kids all welcome)

Professor Harold Brenner

Short history of breast cancer

Shula Shilon

Documentary on Ethiopian Jews

Sam Coopersmith with Jeff Sprafkin, Ariel Margalith, Jason Klug

Digital / Ecommerce Panel – Trends in China, most effective tools and ways to leverage them and where it is all going



Hagay Ravid

The Late Professor Yishayu Leibowitz - Greatest Israeli Thinker

Teens: TEdxTalk

Maxime Wilmet

Are the Millenials a selfie & selfish generation?

Henry Rosen


Kids 6-13: Learn about leadership



Dvir Bar-Gal

The search for the lost Shanghai: Jewish Cemeteries and lost Jewish graves

Richard Jakov Papp

"My name is Kohn Winnetou". Humour and Identity in the Contemporary Hungarian Jewish Culture

Monte Rosen

Panel- Listening to Teens

Kids 0-5: Story Time



Dinner - Cafe O

Kids 0-5: Story time

Kids 6-13: Learn about leadership - teaching skills for young kids


20:30 onwards

Evening Variety Show hosted by DJ BO


Wine tasting

Klezmer Band led by Abi Shilon

Performances by Shanghai's Funniest Jews!

Standup comedians

Ilan Goldberg

Casey Li Brander

Ben Frank

JJ Wakrat

Kids: Story Time with Jeff Sprafkin

Teen: Bonding







Yoga Meditation led by Elyse Ribbons



Continental Breakfast

Yael Farjun

Connecting to Shanghai's Jewish Past- there and back again

David Benaim

Gibraltar’s Jews

Kids All Ages: Hanukkah theme activities

Teens: Jewish leadership and the Maccabees



Arie Schrier with Shai Schwartz, Yair Yahav, and Asaf Amitai

Innovation Start Up Panel

Anastasiya Zlatina

A Taste of Dance: Tapas of Jewish Choreographers



Nurit Segev

Awesome Dips and Spreads

Abi Symons

Privilege and identity



Stacy Palestrant

Jewish Parenting in China

Hilla Drechler

The Jewish Identity of the Y Generation in Israel: What does it mean to be a young secular Jew in Israel?



Stephane Wilmet with Drew M. Nuland, Nathaniel Farouz and Mark Israel

Panel Discussion- Chinese consumers and consumer trends

Elad Remer

Communication and Body Language



Anna Greenspan

Movable feasts: Street Food Culture



Lunch, Closing ceremony





Please be aware that accommodation is not included in the Limmud ticket prices. We've got extremely good rates with both Millennium and a 3 star hotel next door. To make a reservation please email biranitgeva@gmail.com





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